• Fire and Allied Perils

    Fire and Allied Perils

    A form of Property Insurance which protects people from the financial loss caused by Fires. If a structure including its contents is covered by fire insurance, the insurance policy will pay out in the event that the structure is damaged or destroyed by fire and/or lightning. You may also be insured against other perils upon your […]

  • Marine Insurance

    Marine Insurance

    Financial protection for the manufacturer or importer as well as the banks. In case the shipment is lost before it arrives, the insurance company will reimburse them for their loss. Without marine insurance, it is not economical and practical to carry on both local and overseas commerce. TPISC protects you from risks connected with navigation, […]

  • Motor Car Insurance

    Motor Car Insurance

    Motor Car Insurance pays the assured for loss of, or damage to, the insured motor vehicle, and/or for legal monetary liabilities to other arising out of its operation. TPISC’s motor car insurance provides financial protection against: Carnapping Acts of Nature Own damage Bodily Injury Personal Accident Property Damage Third Party Liability

  • Personal Accident

    Personal Accident

    Our Personal Accident Insurance is designed for individuals, families or groups. Providing worldwide 24-hour, year-round protection. Developed to provide security in mind, as it guarantees full insurance benefits against Accidental Death or Loss of Life, indemnity of the full schedule of benefits for Permanent Disablement or Dismemberment arising from unexpected accident. Provides insurance benefits against Loss of […]

  • Miscellaneous Casualties Insurance

    Miscellaneous Casualties Insurance

    Is a type of insurance that is primarily concerned with losses caused by injuries to persons and legal liability imposed upon the insured for such injury or for damage to property of others. It also includes such diverse forms as plate glass, insurance against crime, such as robbery, burglary and forgery, boiler and machinery insurance […]

  • Surety & Bonds

    Surety & Bonds

    Suretyship and Bonds provide indemnity to a third party against loss up to a specified amount, resulting from the failure of an individual to perform his obligation under a contract. TPISC undertakes to guarantee the contractual or legal obligation or undertaking of the principal in favor of another party. Our Bond Categories: Bidders Bonds Performance […]

  • IC Certification

    IC Certification

    Please visit this link for IC Certification status.

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